Northwestern Polytechnic University Peter Hsieh Discusses the Importance of Voting


Northwestern Polytechnic University Peter Hsieh discusses the importance of voting for their student body.

As the 2020 Presidential Election neared, NPU’s President Peter Hsieh discussed the importance of voting for their students. In his latest newsletter to all students and faculty, President Hsieh stated: “I encourage you to go out and vote on November 8th because this election is not just about policy; it’s ultimately about our human rights and civil liberties. We need to elect a president with foresight and civility to prevent the destruction of our country.”

Hsieh continued by stating, “The future of our country is at stake, so I encourage you to go out there on November 8th and vote for whomever you believe should be leading your future. Our future is in your hands.”

“As college students, you are at a point in your life where you will face many obstacles and hardships. However, I urge you to stay positive and be determined because your attitude can determine your altitude. Let this election not define who we are as a country but rather how we will rise above and beyond.”

Hsieh outlined the importance of civic engagement in the upcoming election and encouraged students to participate in their communities. In a 2014 Forbes article, Hsieh stated, “Civil engagement is at the core of Northwestern Polytechnic University’s mission.” “As future leaders, you will face many obstacles throughout your life, but staying positive and being determined can determine your altitude,” Hsieh said.

Hsieh informed his students that they had not only a right but a duty to vote. In his newsletter, Hsieh continued, “As a citizen of the United States, you have not only a right but also a duty to practice your civic duties such as voting.”

“Voting is the core of our democracy and exercising this responsibility demonstrates your commitment to our country,” said Hsieh in his message. “If you want to change, go out and vote for it.”

Northwestern Polytechnic University is a Silicon Valley area institution dedicated to training and preparing a workforce for the constantly evolving high-tech world. Northwestern Polytechnic’s 4,000 students are taught by award-winning faculty members who are experts in their field and work to instill global perspective, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship into every student they touch.

Hsieh went on to say, “Through your curriculum, you will gain expertise that is unparalleled in the world. Our students are taught to be well-rounded individuals who are not only talented but also have a global perspective. The Northwestern Polytechnic University community believes that diversity is what makes every one of us unique, and it builds well-rounded leaders.”

He concluded with, “My last message for you is to just be the best version of yourself. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself with others.”

“Give it your all, learn from your mistakes, and focus on being humble. We wish you all the best in achieving your goals!”

President Hsieh has spent most of his life dedicated to serving and helping others. He is a board member of several prominent organizations, including Stanford Health Care and the Silicon Valley Education Foundation.