The Ultimate Guide To Buying Bird Supplies

There is a plethora of different bird supplies available on the market. Whether you have a lovebird, a pet parrot, or a cockatoo, there are items you will need to ensure their well-being. Here is a step-by-step guide to buying your new pet’s essentials.


If you’re thinking about getting a canary as a pet, here are some basic supplies that you’ll need to keep them healthy and happy. First, you’ll need a cage large enough for your bird to stretch out its wings comfortably, and you should purchase multiple perches to provide your bird with a variety of play experiences. It’s also a good idea to purchase toys for your canary, which can keep them entertained for hours. You’ll also need to buy seed, water, and some food for your bird.

For canaries, you’ll need fresh fruit and vegetables, along with a little grain. For the best results, the greens should be chopped very finely. You should also provide plenty of vitamin A-rich food for your bird. This will help your canary maintain a vibrant color. Finally, you should never feed your canary junk food, including chocolate, sugar, or fried food.


There are many different ways to feed your cockatiel. Some are fortified so that they receive optimal nutrition in every bite. Others are a combination of seeds, grains and fruits, which are great for providing a range of nutrients. Then there is the Supreme variety, which is made up of mostly seeds, but contains added vitamins and minerals.

Cockatiels are expensive to purchase and will require a significant financial investment to care for them. These small birds will require a cage and other supplies, as well as a small amount of money each year for vet checkups. Cockatiels will also need plenty of food, which includes bird seed, bird pellets, and small cuts of fresh vegetables.


Keeping cockatoos can be a challenging task. They require a lot of attention and care, and they can become destructive. They can engage in body mutilation and feather plucking, as well as chewing and biting on household items. Cockatoos can also be territorial, and can be aggressive towards their owners. To make life easier, cockatoos can be weaned off of fruit diets to eat pellets or seeds. However, this process can result in a shorter life span and the development of liver disease in the bird.

Cockatoos need water and must be provided with fresh water several times a day. Their water bowls should be cleaned regularly, as the slimy film can harbor harmful bacteria. Wash your bird’s water bowls thoroughly with mild dishwashing detergent.


One of the most expensive items you will buy for your new parakeet is a cage. However, this is not the only important item to purchase. Parakeets thrive when they are socialized, which means that you should be willing to spend time socializing your bird with other parrots. A proper socialization routine will ensure that your parrot is healthy and happy.

It is also important to provide your bird with toys. Birds need lots of variety to avoid boredom. Toys come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll have to experiment to find the ones your bird likes best. Some of the most popular toys for parrots include foraging toys, swings, ladders, and noisemakers.

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