The Complete Dog Boarding Guide

Dog boarding is a renowned service that gives your pet a shelter for the night. This type of boarding happens mostly when the owners are traveling. It can be challenging to leave your pet behind when traveling, but in some instances, you might find yourself traveling for a night or two. This is where dog boarding becomes important.

The boarding facilities differ in style and size; every facility has its rules and guidelines. Pet owners consider boarding mainly when hosting allergic individuals, traveling for leisure or work.

Below we discuss where to get luxury dog boarding services.

Common Dog Boarding Facilities 

The most common dog boarding facilities include the following;

Traditional Kennels

These are the most common boarding facilities in standalone buildings or veterinary clinics. Traditional kennels provide an essential service where your pet will be housed in runs or individual cages.

These facilities mainly have check-out and check-in times, limited workout options, and set eating schedules. Traditional kennels are an excellent option for those who want their pet’s needs met while away.

Luxury Resorts

Luxury resorts offer an upscale pet experience compared to the latter. These resorts are private rooms with comfortable music, beds, and TVs with dog-friendly content. The luxury pet resorts also give the dog access to outdoor play zones.

Certain luxury pet resorts provide spa treatments like massage or grooming sessions. However, these resorts are slightly costlier than other boarding services due to their additional services.

In-Home Boarding

In-home boarding is when you leave your pet with an experienced sitter who looks after them on their premises. This onboarding type gives your pet a personal touch compared to the above modes because it has minimal exposure to other animals.

In-house boarding is also ideal, as it gives pet owners more flexibility regarding pick-up and drop-off times.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Dog Boarding Facility

The main factors to consider before choosing a dog boarding facility include the following;

Safety Measures and Cleanliness

Cleanliness and safety measures should be your primary concern before choosing a dog boarding facility. The best boarding facilities have strict cleaning guidelines, mainly where the dog spends time, like in kennels.

Pet owners should look for facilities with separate areas to hold dogs with distinct temperamental issues. This further prevents potential injuries or conflicts among the pets.

Staff Qualification and Training

Staff members at a dog boarding facility should be concerned about its welfare. Pet owners should consider facilities with highly-trained personnel for the best experience. The best boarding facilities have staff members certified by the necessary pet organizations.

Playtime and Exercise Options

Dogs require mental stimulation and exercise, just like humans, meaning you should consider exercise options before choosing a boarding service.

Final Thoughts

Dogs are among the most common pets in a household due to their charisma and loyalty. Numerous dog boarding services today will look after your pet once you travel, and the above article has discussed the best luxury dog boarding services and more.

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