4 Smart Gadgets for Home Security Systems

Initially, smart home devices were solely utilized to make lives much easier and convenient. But, with time, more and more smart home devices were introduced in the market, in which many have now become a part of home security systems.

A big percentage of people now use these devices to safeguard their homes and loved ones, even when they’re not around. Of course, there are individuals who still prefer professional home security companies, but since smart home devices can be self-installed, it’s inevitable that more people will opt for this option.

The smart home in many ways shows us a futuristic home experience, in which everything that needs to be done is a single voice command away. In fact, today, many of us are already a part of this future.

Many cool smart gadgets give you the opportunity to do so much with home automation, and many of these have incorporated themselves into home security systems. You’d be surprised as to how many such devices are out there.

Here are five home automation devices that can be included in your home security system.

Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbell cameras are perhaps one of the most common components of the smart home security system. Also, let’s not forget the fact that these cameras are mainly used for security purposes.

For instance, whenever someone rings your doorbell, or simply approaches the front door, a smart doorbell will send an alert to your mobile phone and further activate the camera so that you can see clearly who’s at the door.

This feature remains the same even if you aren’t in proximity to the smart doorbell, as they have a remote feature. Ultimately, this depends on the type of smart technology the doorbell has.

Smart doorbell cameras are extremely useful, and you can find a wide range of these products, varying from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. However, make sure your smart doorbell has these three features:

  • Motion Sensing
  • High-resolution Video
  • Two-way Audio

Smart Locks

Smart locks work perfectly for security purposes and also bring convenience to your life, by simply giving you the option to get rid of keys once and for all. By having the ability to communicate with smartphones, either through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can lock and unlock the door from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, most smart locks also have the feature in which it locks and unlocks itself, depending on your phone’s location, hence you no longer have to worry if you accidentally left your front door open.

Smart locks come in different styles and shapes. There are traditional ones that have a touchscreen or number pad, in which you put the code for it to unlock the door. The other one is a smart lock that doesn’t have a screen and keypad and can only be controlled via its app on your smartphone.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras have taken the concept of traditional cameras and turned it up a notch. These cameras work through Wi-Fi connections that give you the ability to view and control the device through its smartphone app, and this works remotely as well.

Many smart cameras also have the ability to upload security footage to the Cloud, so that you have footage of people who were at your doorstep or around your home, especially when you weren’t around.

Firstly, you need to decide if you want indoor or outdoor cameras or both. The main difference between them is construction. Indoor cameras are generally discrete and small, as they are rarely tampered with.

Whereas, outdoor cameras need to be able to survive the heard weather elements, meaning they are usually made of tougher materials and are definitely bulkier. In both smart areas, it’s important to have these feature:

  • High-resolution Video
  • Motion Detection
  • Audio Recording
  • Wide Field of View

Smart Lights

Smart lighting is a combination of enhanced security and convenience. Smart lights are Wi-Fi-enabled LED bulbs that give you the ability to manage them through a smartphone app. When it comes to security, smart lights are a great deterrent from potential intruders, especially when you’re away.

In other words, you can on your porch and one indoor light once the sun sets so that people think some’s home. Intruders try to enter homes in which there seems like no one in it. Moreover, you can also set timers on these smart lights, so they can automatically switch on and off.


Smart home gadgets are only going to improve in the coming future. Apart from their convenience, these gadgets can be used to provide extra security to your home. FirstEnergy has a wide range of these smart home products for you to choose from.

The security of your home and loved ones can be better managed through these smart home gadgets mentioned above. We hope you consider them and let us know how you feel about them.

Stay smart and stay safe!

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