How to Make Sophisticated Colour Choices in the Home

Finding the right balance of colour and style can be a challenge when it comes to interior design, but with clever colour choices you can create a sophisticated feel whilst still having life within each room. There’s so much more to introducing colour to a room than simply choosing which shade to go for, you then have the ability to incorporate this colour through different finishes, textures, materials and so on. Here’s how to make sophisticated colour choices in the home for a chic, stylish aesthetic.

Bright Touches

Many people are keen to add colour to the home, but don’t want to add bright, bold colour to the walls. You don’t have to go all out and change the walls in every space in order to bring in the colour and have it stand out within the room. This is where your furniture pieces come in to play, as you can select key pieces in bright tones to really enhance the overall décor style and make the room pop. Combining rich shades with lighter tones can really help to balance out the colour within the room and you can do this in a number of ways. From a rich blue toned sofa with delicate teal blue cushions, or a vibrant fuchsia set of curtains with a soft pink trim, you can play around with complimentary colourways to really enhance your home.

Understanding Metallics

Metal finishes can make a huge difference to the overall look of a room, especially when you’re working with different colours tones. From the door handles and lighting fixtures to exquisite pendants you can add metallic touches to the room and change the dynamic completely. Understanding which metallic finishes are best suited to your décor is important, so take a look at the different options available and use Pinterest to identify which colour schemes complement each metallic tone best. Online retailer Buster & Punch have an incredible selection of eye-catching metal finishes throughout their lighting, electrical and cabinet hardware ranges, so take a look here for some further inspiration.

Keep the Balance

Ensuring you have enough contrast within your colour palettes is essential, as this will help to balance out the space and set the right tone. You want to capture a balance of light, mid and dark to play around with different shades and tones. Once you have a good balance of different shades within your colour palette, you can really create a stunning space that screams style and sophistication. Consider the colour of your flooring in contrast with your furniture choices, as this is one of the areas that will stand out the most within the room.

Matching Up

The famous phrase ‘the devil is in the detail’ is extremely relevant when it comes to interior design. Making the right colour choices within your home is crucial to having the right atmosphere and feel, right down to the very last detail. You should always aim to finish off any space with the right details to really enhance the overall aesthetic of the room and finish the look perfectly. From bold mirrors to delicate vases, you can put your own personal touch on the space and add charm to your home.

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