How To Dress Well And In Style In The Church

It is not because we are in a church that we should dress in a corny or embarrassing way. We must maintain respect, but we can add style to certain pieces of clothing.

As we know, the strapless style is not cool used in isolation, but if you wear a bolero or a vest on top, it will be more suitable for a church, in addition to being very beautiful. The bolero or vest rule also applies to spaghetti straps.

Skirts and dresses, the ideal height is from the knee down. If your style is more romantic, you can abuse the knee length and flared skirts. If you do your style, you can also wear long dresses (they are very comfortable).

Blouses with long necklines (both front and back) can be worn with overlays. If you put a tank top underneath, it will cover the neckline. With this overlay, you can play with the texture of the fabrics and even with the colors and prints. Have you ever imagined doing a color blocking with the overlap of two blouses?

The church is not a catwalk to be shown the new trends or your new clothes, but it is also not anywhere to go dressed in any way. We must respect the sanctity of this place and maintain a consistent posture. Dressing well does not mean wearing the most expensive clothes or dressing in a depraved manner. It is possible to dress in a more “behaved” way, remaining in fashion and without losing style. The church will not judge you for what you wear or what you have. Your clothes won’t say anything if you don’t behave according to the occasion. Remember: keep your style without losing your posture.

No book or priest/pastor or church forbids too tight pieces, but churches like the Assembly of God, where women should not wear pants, only skirts. For men, there are not as many restrictions as for women. For men, the use of shorts, shorts, or low-rise pieces above the knee (as well as women) is restricted, instead consider wearing Steve Harvey collection for a start. Tank tops and macho blouses are also not very welcome. Swimwear is strictly prohibited (for men and women).

There are not many restrictions on footwear, but we must be consistent. The church is not a catwalk to be paraded from side to side. There are women who want to be very well dressed because they will find God and end up sinning by exaggeration. It is not forbidden to go in high heels to the church, but avoid walking unnecessarily, especially if your shoes make a lot of noise. The jump deck on certain floors is irritating and disrespectful.

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