Adventure Travel in Asia – Things to Do

We have all seen a bunch of movies that give us a lot of wanderlust. Watching extremely beautiful but adventurous spots like mountainous areas and big heights on screen make us want to go there as well.

Luckily, there are many doable adventures you can do on your vacation this year only if you know the right spots. It is important to have a specific list of things you want to do so you can decide the best possible destination for yourself.

If you wish to enjoy water sports or adventurous activities like scuba diving and bungee jumping, then Asian countries make the perfect spots. They are a lot more budget-friendly than European countries, and are extremely beautiful too! You will also find all your luxurious needs fulfilled in these countries.

Given the availability of best cheap internet  services at our disposal, we have the world at our fingertips and so we are aware of all sorts of vacations spots that we were previously not aware of.

So, let’s bring your traveling adventures goals to reality, and see which country is the best country to satisfy your adventure needs!

Adventure ideas for travelling in Asia

  • Kayak

Travelling is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing something different from daily routine. So, ditch a fancy boat or a cruise and start exploring beautiful oceans, rivers and lakes on nothing but a kayak and a paddle. Kayaking involves the use of kayaks to paddle, or move the small watercraft. It is very easy to learn, and can be great for fitness freaks as well. Not only is it a good workout, but it is also a lot more slower and peaceful than huge boats. It can be a great way of clicking beautiful pictures and experiencing the water body in detail.

So, which countries make the best spot for kayaking?

You can go to Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay for a short kayak trip. Vietnam’s Cat Ba is part of the UNESCO’s world heritage list, and also a great spot for kayaking. You can also find other bunch of activities to do here including rock climbing. Maldives is also a beautiful spot for kayaking. Lastly, Thailand is an overall excellent spot for vacation, but you can also enjoy a whole lot of kayaking here too!

  • Rafting

Southeast Asia is full of gushing rivers that make an incredible spot for river rafting. It includes an inflatable boat that moves on roughly flowing water, and requires passengers to use double blades to paddle through the water. Rafting might sound something close to kayaking, but it is much more challenging due to the rough nature of rivers. Kayaking is more peaceful and lets you move slowly as you take in the view around you.

The best places for rafting include Malaysia and Indonesia. Indonesia is home to several water sports and other adventurous activities. One of these is rafting, which you can find in abundance in Bali. However, for rafting in Bali, you might need to bear some damage to your pockets. Thailand and Malaysia are slightly cheaper. The Pai River in Thailand is a great spot for rafting, and also lets you witness some amazing scenic views and a glimpse of wildlife too.

  • Bungee jumping

Enough with the water adventures? If you love taking adventure a step further and make your travel diaries much more memorable, bungee jumping is the perfect activity for you. Bungee jumping is an extreme sport that requires a person to voluntarily jump off from a huge height, while being attached to a powerful but elastic cord that leaves you rather swinging in the air. You can do this activity on a natural site such as a high cliff, or from a high-rise building or a bridge.

In Asia, you will find reliable and popular bungee jumping activity in Singapore. Singapore is a beautiful spot to visit, and it is generally a lot more luxurious than other spots in the continent. You can also visit universal Studios while in Singapore, enjoy wildlife, 5-stare accommodation and lots of water sports too. Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Pattaya in Thailand also have this facility.

  • Trekking and hiking

Trekking and hiking are more suitable for people who are generally physically active and need something challenging for their body. However, if you want to test your limits for the thrill, hiking up and down huge mountains can be a great way.

We think the most beautiful, budget-friendly and the most prominent place for hiking and trekking in Asia is mount Fuji. You must have seen incredibly beautiful pictures of the mountain on social media and movie. Make it a reality and experience the majestic mountain, as well as the beautiful country up close. The best, safest season to visit Fuji for trekking is from July to September. Having a guide along is always a good idea. If not Japan, hiking volcano mountains in Indonesia can also be a great experience.

  • Camping

Now, let’s get to an adventure that involves some less physical exertion and more thrill and relaxation. Nothing beats the calmness and the raw experience of lying under the night sky and star gazing. If you are travelling with a group of equally adventurous friends, go camping!

Indonesia is a famous tourist spot because of its natural beauty and beaches, but if you are travelling there, don’t miss out its beautiful Mount Bromo for camping. Thailand’s Doi Chiang Dao is also a great place for camping. Here you will witness extremely beautiful and unique species of birds accompanying you.

Vietnam is also known for its world’s largest cave, Sơn Đoòng cave that is part of a national park and is home to nature’s extreme beauty. The only possible difficulty in visiting or camping here is that the cave is sensitive to environmental changes, and to preserve it, there are limitations on the number of people that can visit.

Wrapping it up

Take with you a list of thrilling and challenging activities to do when travelling to an Asian country, so you can make the trip remarkable. Countries in this region, particularly in the Southeast Asia side are filled with some exceptional sceneries and nature’s works. If you are an outdoorsy person who wants to step out of the comfort zone and do something adventurous, Asia has got it all for you.

Kayak and rafting are some of the safest activities you can indulge in while also being adventurous. Bungee jumping, rock climbing and other such extreme sports should always be done with some professional assistance. Have fun but don’t forget to be responsible for your own safety!

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