Some Lesser-Known Facts about Cats

Cats are one of the most beloved pets on earth. While there are way less cat breeds available compared to dogs, they are a widespread domestic species because of their cute features, easy maintenance, and cleanliness.

Cats are highly fascinated creatures but are sometimes misunderstood. Unlike some other pets, cats are extremely smart, adorable, elegant and calm. Though they can be less sociable and engaging than dogs, they are selective and can offer great companionship without requiring much attention. Commonly you’ll find that cats offer a lot more affection to their owners than to strangers.

Today we’re going to run through some interesting facts about cats, starting here:

  • Cats are supposed to be the only mammals who don’t know or cannot taste the sweetness.
  • They have great night vision which probably is the reason for them being more active at night. Despite having great night vision, cats are near-sighted and cannot see as far as other animals.
  • Cats have a wider view than humans, where humans can have a view of 180 degrees cats can have a view of 200 degrees.
  • They have uneven toes in the front and back paws. 5 toes in the front and 4 at the back.
  • Cats have more bones than the humans. While humans have 206 bones, Cats have 230 in total.
  • Cats can jump up to 6 times their length while humans can’t even reach twice their height.
  • While they cannot taste sweetness, they are very good with the smell and getting familiar with different ingredients.
  • Humans and cats have co-habited for more than 10,000 years.
  • Cats spend most of their life sleeping. Yes, they sleep about 13-14 hours in a day which is approx. 60% of their life.
  • They could survive falling from heights as they have the special ability to land on their feet. They have been known to survive drops of up to 32 stories high!
  • Cats dream the same as humans.
  • The kittens of about 3 months and above are more likely to get social easily compared to a grown up cat which can find it harder to socialise.
  • They are smart with the learning ability same as of a 2 year old human child.
  • Cats have a unique nose print, the same as we humans have fingerprints.
  • Meowing by cats is only done for communication with humans. Cats never use it for another cat. The word “Meow” is surprisingly defined using the same word in different languages.
  • Cats can sense vibrations easily and this is how they can detect earthquakes before humans.
  • Their hearing even more acute than dogs; this might come as a surprise, but they are very sensitive to sound.

Cats are sensitive creatures and require regular check-ups at the vet in order to protect them from coming down with illness or diseases.

Below we’ve provided some resources to help keep your feline friend healthy and happy:

General Cat Health advice:

Cat Vaccinations:

Dangerous household substances for Cats:

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