Automatic Gates Offer Extra Security To Your Property

Do you live in Dallas and require an automatic gate? Are you looking for a durable, resilient, affordable, and beautiful gate to provide security and privacy to your home?

Automatic gates

They use an electric motor that opens and closes the gate using a gate operator. They can be manufactured from various materials to fit the user’s style and color. This increases the prestige and aesthetic value of your home. Automatic gates Dallas offers the best automatic gating services and access control services for both commercial and residential applications.

Components of automatic gates

  1. Gate.

This is a physical object used to block the gate opening. Ornamental iron or chain-link material is used to design the gates for commercial applications. The gate should match the adjacent fencing for aesthetic value.

  1. Gate operator.

This is machinery used to control the opening and closing of the gate. It is electrically powered and depending on the type of operator, it can either be hydraulic, gear, or chain driven.

Types of automatic gates

  1. Swing gates.

They use motors that are attached to the posts or pillars that the gate hangs on. They are wide to provide a section along the fence, where the gate is supported. They are commonly used for industrial and heavy-duty gate applications.


It is not appropriate for sites with limited space beside the gate. This is because additional width is needed to accommodate counterbalance.

  1. Sliding gates.

They have rollers that ride along a metal track installed at the bottom of the gate for support. The gate slides horizontally back and forth to open or close the gate. They are more secure than swing gates because forcing them open is hard. They have a rigid structure and less vulnerable points. They are the space-efficient and best option if the floor inside the property is raised. It is preferred for light-duty commercial gate applications.


  • The rollers can be blocked with snow, debris, or ice.
  • The rollers can be a source of friction making the closing and opening of the gate hard.
  1. Bi-folding.

Opening and closing this gate takes a short time. They are mainly used in:

  • Places with continual vehicle traffic like schools and car parks.
  • Organizations that allow access to a certain area for a limited amount of time.

For aesthetic value, it can be painted with relevant colors or, the logo of the organization can be incorporated. It is important to train people on how to use these gates to avoid injuries due to the speed of the gate.

  1. Telescopic gates.

They are driven by a standard sliding gate motor that has cables that control the closing and opening of the gate. The individual sections of the gates overlap each other when opened. This is ideal for use if you have limited space outside the premises for the gate to operate.

Factors to consider when choosing an automatic gate

  • Availability of space.

The amount of space surrounding the gate limits the type of gate you can use. If space is enough any type of automatic gate can be installed.

  • Gate opening size.

If the gate opening is wide, it will be more expensive to install the gate.

  • Opening and closing speed.

A gate that opens slowly is unacceptable in high-volume industrial applications like the airport but can be used in commercial and residential applications. Slow opening speed can cause traffic backup, frustrating the user while slow-closing speeds encourage security violations.

  • Weight of the gate.

This determines the type and grade of gate operator to use. Wider and taller gates weigh more. The material used in the construction determines its weight. An allowance should be left for any increased weight caused by the accumulation of ice, rain, or snow on the gate’s surface.

  • Grade.

Most gate operators are designed to control the gates that are on a flat level grade. If the gate is on a slope and it opens and closes by going up or down an incline, the gate operator will be excessively damaged leading to premature failure.

  • Weather conditions.

Installation of gates in areas with extreme temperatures, heavy snow, or high winds requires special precautions.

  • Electrical power.

Heavy-duty gate operators require more voltage than light-duty gate operators. Getting this amount of power to the installation site can be difficult and costly.

  • Gate construction.

The gate has to be specifically designed for automatic operation to work reliably with the automatic gate operator. Rollers, bearings and other hardware used in the installation of automatic gates, relatively increase installation cost, while improving the gate performance and reliability.

  • Duty cycle.

The number of times the gate is closed and opened limits the type of gate operator you can use. The gate used in residential applications is opened a few times, hence this same gate cannot be used in an industrial environment where it is accessed constantly.

Advantages of automatic gates

  1. Security.

These gates allow the user to control the entrance and exit of their home. They protect the children and pets from surrounding traffic and danger. You can customize the gate in any shape, size, or height.

  1. Privacy.

They protect your family’s private affairs since the owner guards his property easily using a remote. The owner decides who can enter and leave their property.

  1. Cost-effective.

The added protection that an automatic gate provides for your home, improves your chances of getting a discount from your insurance company. It also increases the value of your home, attracting potential buyers when your house is on sale.

  1. Aesthetic value.

These gates are available in various materials providing a classic or modern look to your home. This is a good way to decorate your property.

  1. Convenience

You don’t have to physically open the gate to get into your property. It is convenient when the weather conditions are bad. It is operated using methods like:

  • Card readers.
  • Remote control.
  • Keypads.
  • Sensors that read specific entrance signals.


Automatic gates are closed and opened using an electric motor and controlled using a gate operator. They offer extra security and privacy. Choosing the appropriate automatic gate is important since it is expensive to install and it requires regular maintenance. Consider your business and the level of security you require before deciding the best type of gate to protect your premises.

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