What Does My Divorce Attorney Need to Know?

An attorney is a member of the legal profession who represents a client in court when in a

case. Therefore, A divorce attorney is a legal professional specializing in family law and has

experience in divorce, children custody and visitation, child support, and spousal support.

Divorce attorneys are known to have a vast knowledge of the legal proceedings and

the technical know-how of assisting a client in winning cases based on divorce.

The Duties of a Divorce Attorney

  • Pre divorce Counselling is an essential procedure which a divorce attorney has to

perform. They should make the divorce path comfortable for their client. They should

discuss crucial matters like bank accounts and child custody with their client so that

the client feels comfortable in the courtroom. The attorney should relate with the

client personally and talk openly about every matter related to the case. The attorney

must be sensible enough to understand the client’s emotions as they must be going

through a rough stage in their lives. It is, therefore, essential for the divorce attorneys

to deal with the client’s emotions calmly.

  • It is the duty of the divorce attorney to advise the client on how to deal with the

marital property, the money in the bank accounts and credit cards, and other marital


  • It is the attorney’s duty to assure the client of the progress made on the disputes,

court proceedings, and stages of the divorce proceeding.

  • It is upon the divorce attorney to prepare and file all paperwork involved in the court

for the client, such as the summons and complaint, motions, and the final divorce and

custody orders.

  • The attorney acts as an intermediary to deal with conflicts during the divorce process,

such as arguments over the property.

  • The divorce attorney should be the client’s representation at all court hearings.

Qualities of a Good Divorce Attorney

They should be Flexible.

A good attorney should be flexible enough to deal with all circumstances carefully. When a

time comes in the courtroom where the attorney feels like the case is going against their way,

the attorney should be quick on their feet to change the case in his client’s favor. This is a

fundamental quality in all good attorneys.

They should be highly available.

Although most attorneys handle several cases simultaneously, good attorneys are usually very

organized and enhance their availability to their clients whenever they need them. It is

important to ask your attorney about their average response times and if anybody can offer

help in the attorney’s absence.

They Should be Professional

A professional Attorney is polite, respectful, on time and full of integrity. Your attorney

should always be on time for meetings. They should also be eloquent in their speech and be

able to explain complex legal jargon simply.

They should be honest.

Honesty is a requirement from both parties in an attorney-client relationship. The clients need

to be honest about their situation, and the divorce attorney needs to be honest and realistic to

their clients about the situation. A good attorney should never make claims or promises they

can’t support. A good attorney will always tell the truth as it is to their clients no matter the


When do I need a Divorce Attorney?

Divorce Mediation

A divorce attorney can act as a divorce mediator too. A mediator is an expert who is trained

at getting parties to set aside emotions and focus on the essential facts to a successful divorce.

Mediators are advantaged to be working with both spouses simultaneously, which can cut

down on bureaucratic communication delays.

To File an Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is where the client and their spouse agree on all the terms of their

divorce. It is highly recommended for a person to have an attorney look through the divorce

agreements in uncontested divorces to make sure that the rights and interests of their clients

are protected accordingly. A good divorce attorney can make sure that the drafted agreement is likely to

be accepted by the court and that their clients did not overlook any important issues that are

likely to arise thereafter.

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