The Digital Divide – Ways to Overcome This Gap

The digital divide refers to the division between people who have access to the internet, computers, and other digital devices and the people who do not have the opportunity to own these things. This division is limiting countless people from learning new things and having experiences similar to those who are enjoying the perks of this digital world.

Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, when the world switched to online activities and practices such as working from home, taking online classes, completing assignments, and submitting them online has gotten more difficult for the people who do not have devices like laptops, smartphones, or the necessities such as the Internet.

Many Internet providers such as WOW! have worked on this problem and have come up with affordable internet offers for the people who are unable to fulfill this requirement. If you are also looking for an option that enables you to use a high-speed Internet connection or enjoy a reasonable cable TV service then you can contact them through the WOW Cable Phone Number and explore your options.

Importance of Reducing the Digital Divide

If you are still wondering why it is important to address the issue of the digital divide then you should understand that if we do not talk about these issues now then it can bring significant harm to our society in the longer-run. According to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) report, 19 million Americans do not have access to any type of broadband network.

If you are one of the lucky ones then imagine what it would be like if you do not have an internet connection for a day. Would you be able to do your homework correctly? Will it be easier for you to spend your leisure time without playing games, or binging-watching your favorite movies and shows on different video streaming platforms?

Well, 6% of Americans are unable to do what we can do today so it is upon us that we discuss this issue and try to resolve it. Today we are here to decrease this divide by coming up with some effective solutions that can channel into our daily lives and brings us closer to diminishing this gap.

·        Increase Accessibility

Accessibility is one of the major issues in the US, because internet access or technological devices are not easily accessible at a similar rate to both rural and urban areas. In most rural areas the broadband networks or devices are more expensive and come with a lengthy buying process.

There are still companies that are working on reducing this difference by providing efficient services such as WOW! They are providing hybrid Fiber-Coaxial connections to the rural areas that do not have access to fiber-optic Internet. This is allowing them to gain a similar experience to that of urban areas.

Moreover, the prices of computers, smartphones, and other technological devices are also quite expensive for many income brackets, which is why it is more crucial for people to buy them.

·        Work on Empowering the Users

If we want to close this gap of digital divide then we have to work on practical ways that can help the users to get instant benefits. We should focus on spreading awareness about the affordable options that are out there. Plus, highlight the advantages of using the technology to enhance and ease the workflow, skills, and optimized routine work.

Institutions such as schools and community organizations should come up with ideas to benefit the students and other individuals to have access to the essentials that they require to continue their learning and growth.

Additionally, public platforms such as libraries and community centers should promote the facilities that they are already providing such as access to a free Internet connection, and other technological resources to open the door for people to adopt a cheaper option for growth prospects and better livelihood.

·        Provide Comprehensive Technical Support

Working on eliminating the digital divide would require all the institutions to take part in this initiative of making the environment more digital-friendly and finding out ways to make this process more accessible.

Economic growth can play a vital role in improving the digital infrastructure in the country. However, if we look at the short-term goals then institutions like schools and IT companies can open pathways to make the internet and other technological procedures easy.

Making the students aware of the usage of computers and their technicalities, access two projects that can help them in understanding the digital world.

The Takeaway

We must discuss the digital divide to overcome it as soon as possible. If we focus on conferring this issue more frequently then it will be easier for us to come up with effective solutions. Therefore, if you have any ideas that can help our society in reducing the digital gap then feel free to implement them or sharing them with your peers to bring a positive difference.

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