Ultraviolet Technology: Benefits And Uses In Disinfection

The use of UV light for sterilization dates back to 1877, when scientists discovered that artificial light at specific wavelengths could inhibit the spread of pathogens. Since then, ultraviolet disinfectants have been widely used for commercial, industrial, and medical purposes.

One of the products of UV technology is an ultraviolet disinfection lamp, which can disinfect liquid, solid, and air surfaces. Unlike traditional disinfectants, UV lamps can kill bacteria and other germs with minimal effects on human health.

Discover how UV disinfection lamps work and their major benefits over traditional disinfection.

How UV Light Disinfection Works

UV technology uses chemical-free, artificial light sources to kill harmful pathogens. When a shorter wavelength of light known as UV-C is directed to bacteria, it disrupts their DNA composition, rendering them unable to reproduce.

Unlike traditional disinfectants, UV-C can penetrate the cell wall of a microorganism and disrupt its natural composition within seconds. As a result, the microorganisms will die and not multiply on the surface.

Benefits of Ultraviolet Lamp Disinfectants

UV disinfection systems have multiple benefits over traditional disinfectants. Typically, an ultraviolet disinfection lamp doesn’t use chemicals to disinfect surfaces.

The major benefits include;

UV Lamp Is Non-toxic

The most rated benefit of UV disinfection is its low toxicity to human health. Ultraviolet disinfection is a physical process that only requires applying the UV lamp on the surface.

UV disinfection is equally environmentally friendly because it doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals in most sanitizers. The absence of harmful chemicals means you’ll not come into contact with any carcinogenic products left behind after disinfecting the surfaces.

UV Disinfection Is Cost-effective

Most people think that UV lamps are expensive because they employ ultramodern technology. On the contrary, UV disinfection is cost-effective since all you need is a one-off investment to buy and install the lamps.

Once installed, the lamps will serve you without requiring frequent maintenance. You’ll also save on labor costs since you don’t need to hire trained technicians to operate the lamps.

UV Lamps Are Safe

UV lamps are safer than traditional sanitizers when used as required. They come with enhanced safety features that protect the users against harmful exposure. For instance, a built-in safety mechanism ensures the lights turn off automatically when the room is occupied.

UV Lamps Are Effective

Ultraviolet disinfection is one of the most effective ways to eliminate bacteria. First off, UV lamps aren’t restricted to killing bacteria only. They can eliminate viruses, spores, and molds. UV disinfection is also a dry process that doesn’t require water. Therefore, you can disinfect all surfaces, including water-sensitive electrical appliances.

The speed and efficiency of UV lamps are also a plus over traditional disinfection methods. Tests on UV lamps indicate they can eradicate harmful spores and bacteria within seconds. On the other hand, chemical-based disinfectants will take hours to achieve the same effect.

UV Disinfectants Overcome Bacterial Immunity

Most pathogens can develop resistance to common disinfectants after prolonged use. However, if you want to overcome the challenge of bacterial immunity in disinfecting surfaces, a UV lamp would be the best option.

Ultraviolet disinfection lamps physically alter the microorganism’s DNA, reducing the chances of immunity. That’s a huge relief, especially if you run a healthcare facility with a high risk of infection.

UV Disinfection Lamps Are Customizable

Are you looking for customizable options for surface disinfection? Then an ultraviolet disinfection lamp is what you need. You can tailor-fit a UV lamp to match your stringent requirements regarding disinfection.

For instance, if you want a temporary disinfecting lamp, you can opt for a mobile unit to move from one room to another. Similarly, if you want a durable option, you can buy and install a permanent design for every room.

Applications of Ultraviolet Lamp Disinfectants

UV light can kill up to 99.9% of germs, depending on where you install the disinfectant. UV lamps have wide-ranging applications, including;

Upper room Fixtures: They’re installed on upper units, such as ceiling boards, to disinfect air inside the room.

UV for HVAC Systems: They’re installed on HVAC equipment to disinfect the air before entering the room.

Tabletop Fixtures: They’re portable and suitable for usage from one room to another. They can be used to disinfect smaller rooms and personal protective equipment.

Hand-held UV Lamps: They’re ideal for cleaning surfaces of chairs, door knobs, elevators, table tops, and elevator buttons.

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