Bounce House Slip And Slide Rentals: Precautions & Safety Tips To Know First

Holidays are around the corner as the season of fairs and festivals has kicked in. Across the country, people have made a robust preparation to ensure they get something memorable from the season.

Meanwhile, many might be planning to approach bounce house slip and slide rentals service providers. After all, these airy and cartoony fun accessories are the best fit for a holiday celebration.

Bounce houses – wherein kids could jump, scream and enjoy their playtime together with their friends and family – can never go wrong when it comes to adding more enjoyment in festive seasons.

But it’s worth considering precautions and safety measures when taking a bounce house slip and slide on rent. What are these? Well, it is detailed in this article below.

1.      Check For Insurance, Registration, And Legality

Bounce house slip and slide rentals have specific laws in the state or city on installing these fun items. Users need to comply with municipal governing rules and regulations.  It is worth talking to the city representative, mainly when the bounce house is being installed for public or commercial use.

2.      Find A Suitable Space First

A tight or uneven place is undesirable when installing a bounce house. Alternatively, organizers can rent a small bounce house to prevent the structure from leakage and accidental damages. House under trees or branches isn’t desirable. The ground must be clean, free of pointy objects.

3.      Study The Package And Instructions

When installing the bounce house in its place, proper instructions given along by the bounce house rental service provider must be studied first. Scratches, leakage, or severe damage to the bounce house structure are possible if instructions aren’t strictly followed. 

4.      Prevent From Prohibited Items

Any pointy or sharp objects should be prohibited to use and carry when a kid is up to enter the bounce house. Sharp objects can readily create holes in the plastic structure of the bounce house; even though it is brand new and built with solid materials, problems may still arise. The list of prohibited items includes earrings, metal watches, hard toys, or glass. Foods and drinks should also be banned.

5.      Limit The Number Of Kids Playing Inside

Bounce house slip and slide rentals are quite popular among kids. It is the best accessory to turn a boring day into the best for kids. But precautions are a must as kids’ usage of the house above the limit can lead to severe damage to the walls and surface of the bounce house, which is undesirable.

6.      Determine Water Use

Not all bounce house slides are designed for water games. And if organizers are planning to rent a house for a water game, they must select a slippery and water-friendly option. Also, any boat or water accessory containing sharp or pointy edges must be avoided. Hot water is also not advisable as it may soften the plastic surface, damaging the game. 

7.      Consider Weather Too

Using bounce houses in harsh weather isn’t a good idea. Storm, hailstorm, and thunder, anything can severely damage the beautiful structure of the bounce house. It’s worthwhile to use the house on a clear day. A too sunny day is also not desirable for both kids and the house. Users should endeavor to fold up or find an arrangement for the bounce house if the weather worsens during fun times.

8.      Take Shoes Off

All users and kids on bounce house slip and slides should be requested to take shoes off before riding the house. Also, the entrance should be allowed in special socks or fabric ones to ensure nails or skin couldn’t cause anything unwanted to the house surface. However, the consideration is helpful for both kids and the house as wearing socks on the bounce house maximizes the joy of time. 


That’s all that organizes, families, or users of bounce house slip and slide rentals need to consider when selecting this fun accessory for the holiday celebration. These houses typically come in plastic material and use vacuum or water to fill them up. Thus, it is essential to keep the necessary precautions and safety measures in mind before using them on the site. 

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