Guide on Bullet Proofing a Commercial Premises

Different types of commercial apartments can benefit from installing bulletproof glasses to protect against active shootings and active gun crimes. Government facilities, corporate offices, retail stores, and schools are a few examples.

It’s important to note that you can’t make your building 100 percent bulletproof. Also, there is nothing like 100 percent bullet proof glass. Having said that, some materials that are bullet-resistant can be used to boost the security of a commercial apartment. This protects the buildings from ballistic attacks and other threats such as burglary, civil unrest, and smashes and grab theft.

Tips for Improving the Bullet-Resistant and Security of your Commercial Building

One of the best ways to protect your commercial facility is using bulletproof glass products. Here is how to ensure you get the best products.

Perform a Threat Assessment

Carrying an on-premises assessment is the first thing to do when you want to improve your facility’s security to safeguard against security threats like ballistic attacks. During the assessment, an experienced security consultant will perform an inspection around the premises and discuss your particular security issues with you.

The on-premises assessment will allow the professional to inspect all the available security measures you’ve put in place, identify the vulnerabilities and gaps in your facility’s current system, and recommend implementing a general plan to improve the security of the facility.

The security professional’s threat evaluation will include bulletproof glass placement recommendations and other suggestions. The assessment will also be based on your response and what ballistic ratings you need to consider for the location of ballistic barriers.

Objectives of hTreat Assessment:

  • Evaluating threats and vulnerabilities
  • Determining effective solutions for your company
  • Making recommendations on the type of glass and placement
  • Know the ballistic glass ratings

Bulletproof glasses come in a broad range of ballistic ratings. This means that various types of protective glass are tailored to withstand various impacts from different standards of bullets. Besides, various types of commercial premises experience different threats. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the ballistic ratings to pick the best bulletproof glass products for your requirements.

Determine your Options with Stakeholders

If you are the sole property owner or business owner, it is up to you to choose the reinforcement alternatives that make sense to you. Nevertheless, in most cases, there are stakeholders involved, like building owners, C-suite team, and security team.

Before you decide to implement any safety measures and make your facility bullet resistant, make sure all the stakeholders have the chance to assess the threat assessment and brainstorm the recommendation.

Brining every individual on board with your move will help ensure that you have the finances you require to implement effective security updates. Additionally, you will opt for security solutions that work for every individual in the facility.

Install Bullet Proof Glass and other Components

Once you have decided on the updates you want to implement in your facility, you can start installing the components of the new security system. It is important to work with a company specializing in bulletproof glasses. This is to make sure the system is effective and safe.

What to consider when looking for a company:

  • Proven track record
  • Performs threat assessment or partners with outside consultants
  • A range of solutions
  • Capability to retrofit

The majority of security glasses can be retrofitted onto your current glass. This means your premises will not have to undergo disruptive and expensive glass replacement. This is a cost-effective way to reinforce your glass windows and doors.

Apart from reinforcing the glass, other components you may want to install include security framing around doors and windows, access control units, pass-through windows, drawers, trays at client transaction points, and reinforced walls and counters.

Talk to Workers and Building Occupants About the New Changes

Installing bulletproof glasses and implementing sophisticated security updates will raise questions among workers and other occupants about why it is being done. Ensure you explain the reasons for making those changes.

If you are ready to install bulletproof glasses in your facility, choose SIGNALS DEFENSE for your ballistic glass requirements.

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