Rose Burillo – What to Expect at a Mexican Cantina

For one of the most authentic experiences which you can get in Mexico, I always tell people that they have to visit a Mexican cantina. These are traditional bars which have been around for hundreds of years, and the format of the places remains largely the same.

During your time in the cantina you will order a bottle of spirit, perhaps gin or whisky, and then you will be given free mixers throughout the evening and free food, usually up to a generous limit. This is truly one of the best experiences which you will have in the city and here is exactly what you can expect when you walk through the doors of the cantina.

Amazing Music

Much like the place itself, you can expect to find a huge range of authentic music being played throughout the cantina during your time here. The traditional music’s often from movies and from folk singers from through the ages. This often encourages quite the singalong from the locals, who come here for this reason. Additionally you will find a mariachi band in the cantina which you can hire for a couple of songs if you so wish. Mexicans here for an event love to hear the mariachi music as they drink and eat.

Delicious and Traditional Food

People do come here to drink yet it is the food which really drives the people to the cantina. The food here is absolutely delicious and you will find food in the cantinas which really can’t be found easily anywhere else. From snails to ant eggs, fish to a range of meats, the fare here is always traditional and offers some of the very best from the Mexican kitchen. The spirits may cost a little extra but what you will get in return is a great experience and a huge range of absolutely incredible food options.

Local Fun

Whilst tourists do enjoy these kind of places, they are far from being tourists hotspots, and that is part of the charm of the experience. There are still Mexicans up and down the country who love nothing more than finishing work on a Friday and heading out to a cantina to eat, drink and be merry. This is why I often tell people that the experience here is a very wholesome one, because it gives you a great glimpse into the life of Mexican life and culture.

Fun and Laughter

When my friend Rose Burillo first brought me to a cantina she guaranteed me me fun and laughter and that is just what I got. Each time that I have been back since I have also experienced this, and that is why I love going to the cantinas so much. If there is one thing that you can be sure of when you first go to the cantina, it is that you are in for a great night.

If you have an evening in Mexico and you are looking for something to do, this is the very best option for you.

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